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"The Journey"

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This novel was put together by me from the journal written by Charlotte Loden

Charlotte Loden at fourteen

“Every time I heard or read about the holocaust and how the Jewish people suffered all those years ago, I felt compelled to tell my story also. Granted, it might not have been as gruesome as their ordeal but to me, as well as thousands and thousands of people like me, it was the biggest heartbreak. I’m just writing of my experiences, and that of my family, and what we went through toward the end of World War II and after. I’m proud to say I’ve been an American citizen now for many years. It has taken me this long to finally sit down and write my story. Who could possibly be interested, I thought?”

                                                  Charlotte Loden

        The German citizens living along the Polish border were forced out of their homes on a moment's notice and only allowed to take what they could carry. Their part of Germany was then given to Poland along with the homes and belongings of the people forced to leave. Charlotte and some other kids crossed the border again and again in an attempt to recover the items from their homes that defined their lives. This is part of the story, a story of survival and discovery.
                                                                           Norman Ray Fitts

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