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"The Encounter"
"The Submarine Effect"
"The Sentinel"
"The Key"
"The Journey"
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"Scrolls of Caleron"
"When Time Stands Still"
"Star Trek: The Academy Years"
"Surviving The Teenage Journey"

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I've written dozens of screenplays and published five novels. “The Submarine Effect” represents one of our possible futures. “The Encounter” deals with time travel. "Contact" is an exciting continuation of "The Encounter". "The Sentinel" teaches the lesson, just because you look like a monster doesn't mean you are a monster. "The Key" tells the story of a young knight's quest in search of a mystical key to an unknown power he needs to save his world.
I’ve worked with the Austin Film Festival. I’m a member of American Zoetrope and I run one of the worlds largest Film Production Meetups here in Houston. I can provide the connections needed for anything a production company needs to make a film. In the Houston area I offer two writing classes at leisure Learning Unlimited, a creative writing class and a screenwriting class.

“The Encounter”,“The Submarine Effect” ,"Contact"  and "The Sentinel" are currently being distributed world wide in E-book format by “Electronic and Database Publishing.”

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