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"When Time Stands Still"

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"When Time Stands Still " is a short screenplay taken from an H.G. Wells short story "The New Accelerator"

Logline for When Time Stands Still


Professor Charles Bently has opened the door to another reality and Terri Long has come along for the ride, or has she. After tracking down Charles, missing for five months, she joins him on a journey to a place where time doesn’t matter, or did she.


Synopsis for When Time Stands Still


Terri Long is meeting with a psychologist to discuss a dream. A dream so real she can’t shake the feeling it really happened. But how could it. In this dream she receives a call from an old friend who dropped out of sight five months earlier.


Professor Charles Bently is a physiologists experimenting with mutated enzymes designed to accelerate the human body at the molecular level. In the dream Charles’ experiment has succeeded with laboratory mice. There is a problem. The increased molecular activity also accelerates the aging process. In one day you age four years. The only way he can investigate the problem is to study samples of tissue while that tissue is in the accelerated state. He decides to cross over himself and he wants Terri to become part of his control. The trip should only take twenty-five minutes of real time. The only way she will agree to help is if he prepares a dose for her. He argues against it but in the end he has no choice.


Twenty-five minutes pass and no Charlie. She crosses over only the find out they aren’t the only ones there. Observers from another world are time slicing through Earth’s history.  She and Charlie wake up in an alien research facility that exists out of sync with the physical world, or did they, or was all of this just a dream. It was so real. She has to find Charlie and resolve this before she goes crazy thinking about it.

This is a short forty page screenplay suitable for a single episode.