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Teaching and Creative Writing Services

Teaching and Creative Writing Services
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Below are services I offer novelist and screenwriters
(completed screenplays or manuscripts only)

All prices subject to change without notice

I've been writing since 1991. I've written and published six novels, five fiction and one non-fiction, and three study guides. I've written twenty-five feature length screenplays several of which have been picked up by production companies. I've written more than twenty short screenplays several of which have been produced. I run The Houston Film Industry Meetup Group (6600 + members) It's the largest film production meetup in the world. I worked with The Austin Film Festival for two years as a judge in their Heart of Film screenplay competition. I teach two writing classes for Leisure Learning Unlimited in Houston, Texas.

My Creative Writing Class

Anyone in the Houston area interested in creative writing or screenwriting classes please contact "Leisure Learning Unlimited, Houston, Texas (" Below are listed the two classes I am currently teaching for them.

Beginning in March of 2010 I will be offering beginning fiction writing classes at LLU. It will be four consecutive Mondays, two and a half hours a day beginning at 7:00 pm. The fee will include a study guide covering everything taught in the class. The class number is 3126. Please log into to check the start dates for the classes

Beginning in November, 2010 I will be offering "The Basics of Screenwriting" at Leisure Learning beginning at 6:30 pm on a Monday. The course is one, three hour session and will include an 82 page study guide covering all asspects of screenwriting. The Class number is 3131. Go to to sign up.

Private Classes:

I also offer these classes privately at your location for those who can't make the formal classes. The "Basic Fiction Writing" class will require two four hour classes to take in what is offered in the four separate sessions. That includes the small writing assignment. There must be at least five registered students in the class to avoid millage charges.


Storyline and Character development - $50.00 (per student)
Basic Screenwriting - $50.00 (per student)
Basic Fiction Writing - $100.00 (per student)

Each class includes a detailed study guide taking in the entire course.

Individual students can pay their fees for the private classes below or a class organizer can pay for the entire private class below.

For one-on-one if the location is fifteen miles or less from me, the fee for the class is as listed. Each mile over fifteen is $2.00 per mile (One time charge. One way only). If you have three or more students there is no mileage charge. I use Map Quest to determine distance. I live at interstate 10 and state highway 6. To pay the millage fee please use the "Class Mileage Fee" button. Change the quantity to the number of miles over 15.

You can contact me at if you are interested.

For organized classes please use the form below to give me the details such as Your Name, Class Requested, Time and Place, Number of Students, etc. At the bottom please include an E-mail where I can contact you.

Class Title
Enter details here
Please enter your Email

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Click the "Add to Cart" button below to pay the Class Fee for the "Storyline and Character Development" private class.

Click the "Add to Cart" button below to pay the Class Fee for the "Basics of Screenwriting" private class.

Click the "Add to Cart" button below to pay the Class Fee for the "Basic Fiction Writing" private class.


Change the quantity to the number of miles over 15.

Additional fees


$250.00 for up to 3 hours about writing in general or creative writing or screenwriting. For longer engagements the fee is $50.00 an hour for times exceeding 3 hours. Use ADDITIONAL FEES  below to cover that.



The format for Coverage of a Screenplay or Manuscript is shown below. At the bottom of this section is a link to an example of Coverage. Normally it will cover 5 to 6  pages.

Title of Screenplay/Manuscript —
Author —
Place and Time (Setting) — 
Genre —
Length — 

Logline --- 
Brief Synopsis —

1. SUMMARY [Overall score]
2.  STORY [Character score, Plot score]
3. SCRIPT/MANUSCRIPT [Quality of Writing score]
4. UNIQUENESS [Originality score]
5. MOVIE [if a screenplay Cinematic Quality score]


Overall scoring is from 1 to 5 (1 being worse and 5 being best)


Each of the five sections will have a detailed breakdown




Fee: If a screenplay :


40 or less pages $80.00

41 - 90 pages $200.00

91-120 pages $250.00

121 + pages $300.00 


Fee: If a manuscript : (manuscript page/double spaced, courier 12pt.)


150 or less pages $150.00

151 - 300 pages $400.00

301+ pages $550.00



All screenplays or manuscripts must be a completed work.


If you would prefer to have a Short Review for screenplays touching on the above five areas the fee is:


40 or less pages $50.00

41- 88 pages $80.00

89 pages or more $100.00 


The fee for a short review on manuscripts will depend on the length of the manuscript (100 or less pages in courier 12pt, double spaced, $100.00). Please use "Additional Fees" at the bottom of the page.

For manuscripts over 100 pages it's .75 cents a page after the first 100 pages. Use the "Additional Fees"  selection at the bottom rounded back to the nearest $10.00.


Please E-mail screenplays or manuscripts to Please put "Coverage or Short Review" in the subject line. Please use "PDF" , "RTF" or "DOC" format.


Please contact me via e-mail for more information at Click the link below to view an example of coverage

Example of coverage

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Use the "Add to Cart" button below to pay through PayPal or a credit card for Screenplay coverage.

Pricing for Screenplay Coverage

Use the "Add to Cart" button below to pay through PayPal or a credit card for Manuscript coverage.

Pricing for Manuscript Coverage

Use the "Add to Cart" button below to pay through PayPal or a credit card for the Short Review.

Short Review Pricing for Screenplays

Logline or Synopsis Authoring
If you need an effective Logline or Synopsis for your screenplay I can provide that.
Logline - $30.00 (payable in advance)
Synopsis - $60.00 (payable in advance)
Please email a pdf copy of your script to

Pricing for Logline or Synopsis Authoring

Screenplay Authoring
Screenplay Authoring to develop the script from an idea provided by you. I will require a meeting with you, in person or over the phone, to discuss your project. As we go we will discuss the script, but unlike co-writing you will not get a copy of the script you can edit until it is finished. Please email me at to set up the meeting.
60 pages or less - $500.00
61 - 87 pages - $2500.00
88  and above - $5000.00


I can create a Treatment instead of a screenplay.

Script length in scenes: 

40 scenes or less - $250.00
41 -- 90 scenes - $500.00
91 scenes and above - $1000.00

Please go to the bottom of the page to "Additional Fees" and change the Qty to whatever will come to the adjusted fee. 

If I'm writing the screenplay and I need to do the treatment first it is included in the fee for the screenplay. If you want me to create the screenplay off the treatment you payed for then the additional fees up to the cost of the screenplay will have to be paid. 

If I'm taking it off a novel or working with someone's personal story the fee is $1200 up front.  Go to the bottom of this page and select additional fees and change the quantity to 120.

Plus 1% of the adjusted gross profit off the backside if the treatment becomes a movie.

If you would like me to evaluate your treatment the fee is $1.00 a scene rounded up to the nearest $10.00 in other words if the treatment is 101 scenes then the cost would be $110. To pay this fee, based on the example, go to "Additional Fees" and change the quantity to 11.

Pricing for Screenplay Authoring

Co-Writing a Screenplay


We will set up a meeting in person (Houston, TX area) or a phone call to discuss the project. As we develop the script you will get a copy you can edit and send back to me. I can write in Final Draft or Celtx format. E-mail me at for more information.


Fees:  (payable in advance)


Under 50 pages - $300.00

Less than feature length - $1000.00

Feature Length 88+ pages - $1500.00


2% of the adjusted gross profit off the backside if the script becomes a movie.


Fees for Co-Writing a screenplay

Co-writing a Manuscript
Fee: $1500.00 (payable in advance)
The above fee is for a novel length manuscript. For short stories contact me for fees.
You will have to do the writing. Every 30 pages (double spaced/courier 12pt) send it to me and I will review it and do any editing I feel needs to be done. It is your choice to use the suggested changes or not.
This is not Ghostwriting where I do the writing. See Ghostwriting below for fees.
Please send the manuscript to and place "Manuscript" in the subject line.


Fee: $400.00 (payable in advance)

I will schedule a face to face (in the Houston area) or phone meeting with you to discuss your project one at the beginning and then as required based on my availability

For three months I'll take as many emails as needed, to discuss your project and answer any questions that may come up. If need be we can meet face to face (in the Houston area). I do not rewrite your script. If the project runs longer than three months we can discuss extending the service at that time.

Contact me at to set up our first meeting. Please put "Consultation" in the subject line.

Script Doctor Service

Fee: $500.00 feature length 88+ pages (payable in advance)

Fee: Less than feature length (1-87) contact me for fee based on length (payable in advance)

Fee: $400.00 If I've already done Coverage (payable in advance)

I will review your script for format and content (Action/Description and Dialogue) and do the rewriting to fix any problems I find. E-mail me a copy of the script in Final Draft or Celtx format to Please put "Script Doctor" in the subject line.

Use the "Add to Cart" button below to pay through PayPal or a credit card for Consultation or Script Doctor services.

Pricing for Private Consultation or Script Doctor Service

Novel  Editing

Fee: $1000.00 (payable in advance)

I will take the Novel Manuscript (75,000 words or more) and check it for continuity, determine if the story line makes sense, look at story and character development and a number of other attributes that come together to create the event that is the story. Send me a copy of the manuscript at the email below and I will edit my copy where I feel it needs work in bold. Manuscripts should be 12pt double spaced. 

For projects less than Novel length contact me for Fees at  

Ghostwriting a Novel
Fee: $10,000.00 (payable in advance)
I require a face to face, or telephone meeting before I agree to take on the project. There may be an additional fee based on the amount of material supplied to me and the amount of research I have to do.  Email me at to set up the meeting.
Use the "Add to Cart" buttons below to pay through PayPal or use a Credit Card.

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Pay by the Hour

To pay by the hour click the button below and change the quantity to the number of even hours.

Hourly Rate


If any additional fees for any of the above listed services, or for services not listed, are required, see below.
Please use "Qty" to pay multiple amounts of $10.00 to cover the required fee.

Additional fees